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Importance Of Karma Yoga

True Meaning of Karma and Importance of Karma Yoga


How many times have you heard ‘that person deserves what happened to him, it is his karma’. Or maybe you thought ‘What have I done to deserve this karma?’ What do we exactly mean by karma? The word karma comes from the root ‘action’, but the concept of karma has to do with the fact that every action has a reaction.


This concept is often reduced and simplified until it does not feel real. The positive actions will be rewarded, and the negatives will be punished. It does not seem real because we all know that bad things happen to good people, and good things to bad people. That's why instead of seeing the concept of action and reaction as a boomerang, it is better to imagine a spider web.


If you pull one thread of the web, the voltage change is felt through all the threads. This is how the spider knows when something has touched a part of the web, no matter how far the contact point is. In the same way, our actions ‘feel’ beyond the person in front of us. For example, if you get up ‘on the wrong foot’ and the first thing you do is hit a shout at the policeman on the corner, you may be thrown into prison for disrespecting him.


But it could also be that the police will not answer to you, but you do mistreat the person next to you, and that person in turn may be treated unfairly else to retaliate, starting a chain of evil deeds.


The concept of karma can be seen in how parents affect their children. Each generation learns from the previous actions and beliefs and habits forged that respond to the previous generation.


Do not assume that karma is only negative things. Your good deeds for others to produce good reactions towards you, or as in the example of the police, that good deeds can drop it to others and not you directly.


There is another concept related to this topic, and one of the most important types of yoga is the Karma Yoga. No, not the same thing as karma, in fact, it is how we can ‘neutralize’ the effects of karma.


You must always remember that Karma is a boomerang. The law of action and reaction is a complex web, where our actions have ramifications that can hardly be measured.